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We work with Investors from all over the world with any level of experience. We have a track record for providing some of the best high yielding investment opportunities across, Manchester, Merseyside & Cheshire.  The majority of the property investment opportunities we source are HMO's, Buy to let's and social housing schemed properties. 

We provide protection to our clients by offering our established local knowledge as well as experience dealing with property refurbishments and predicted rental achievements. 

The majority of our property deals will be off-market and exclusive to Forth Action, However, We do also work with local Estate & Letting agents. 



Why invest in Property?

Investing in property has been a proven safe Investment vehicle for centuries. Over 90% of the world's millionaires have Investments in Property and the UK alone has 750,000 Property Millionaires.


Property Investing is Guaranteed to offer...

Better returns than your Banks ISA

Achieve on average 7-11% more than your average Bank ISA

Comfortable financial future

Watch your asset grown in value without any additional capital needed.

More Freedom

Support your liabilities with property investment income rather than employment.

Monthly cash-flow

Enjoy anything from £250 - £1,000 per month pure profit from your investment.

Whether your main goal is one of the above points or all of them, We have the necessary tools to help you achieve it.

Latest Property Investments




Under offer

Manchester - Buy to let
Price: £95,000
Monthly Rental: £500
Market Value : £120,000
Gross: 6.3%
St Helens - 4 Bed HMO
Price: £80,000
Income: £11,280
Reno: £19,340
Net Yield: 9.8%
Manchester - 4 Bed HMO
Purchase Price £110,000
Refurb: £43,500
Income: £22,100
Gross Yield: 14.2%
Net Cashflow: £1,194.57
Crewe- 5 Bed HMO
Purchase Price £86,000
Refurb: £25,000
Income: £12,480
Net Yield: 10%
Net Cashflow: £1,040
Manchester - 6 Bed HMO
Price: £155,000
Refurb: £50,000
Monthly Profit: £1,826
Income: £35,460
Gross: 18.6%
Liverpool - 4 Bed HMO
Price: £84,000
Refurb: £16,840
Income: £11,280
Net: 9.6%
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The Northwest of England is quickly becoming one of the go-to regions to invest in the UK. With the cost of living becoming increasingly expensive in the southern region. It has seen a new wave of students and professionals wanting to relocate up north to the more affordable alternative. This regeneration has seen job growth go up expediently, as well as the population. Investors are starting to notice this and expectedly capitalising on the growth wave which we believe has just started. 


Why Work With Us?

Making things happen and bringing positive change into your life financially.

Property Sourcing company specialising in securing properties across the Key areas of the North West.

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