We can Guarantee your Monthly Rent. 

Guaranteed Rent Management

When we Source Properties for our investors we are able to offer them a Guaranteed Rent Scheme as part of our service. We are now delighted to be able to offer this service to Landlords looking for more security in their property portfolio.



What is this?

Put simply this is an agreement between a Landlord and ourselves to take over the property on a Management basis where will guarantee them a monthly rent during the agreed period. Not only are we taking over the management of the property but we are also taking responsibility on the day to day maintenance costs and appearances of the property, Unlike a standard management agreement from your local Lettings agent.


Hands-Free Investing

Being a Landlord isn't for everybody and with services like this we offer Investors the chance to Invest in a property, but take a Hands off approach. There can be a lot of risks involved in property Investing and it is generally an unpredictable business, especially with the uncertainty of the UK economy at present with Brexit. So far we have had great success with offering the guaranteed Rent system to our Investors and genuinely enjoy the process of taking on the Management of a property and turning it into a profitable piece of real estate. 





H0w does it work?

Arrange A Free Consultation

Great! We will be in touch ASAP!


A free consultation to establish  whether or not we can help you with your current property.


An agreement will be made to outline the future of the Managment contract's term length and figures.


Contracts will be drawn out by our specialist solicitor and sent out to both parties to read over.

Guarenteed Rent

Sit back , relax and watch your monthly rent come in. We will also complete any necessary work needed on the property.