• Jordan Alexander

5 Property Investment Strategies to watch in 2019

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

New year, New Strategy? .... Below we are going to outline property investment strategies to watch for in 2019 that could prove to be hugely profitable.

Commercial to Residential

Converting derelict commercial buildings such as Offices, Pubs and old churches into quality accommodation is on the rise and one way to make massive profits as well as provide the community with good quality accommodation, something that the UK is lacking currently.

Co-Working Spaces

If the majority of your portfolio stock is in residential, It may be worth looking into diversifying this year and making a step into commercial such as Co-working spaces. Similarly to above, there is an abundance of commercial units lying empty across the North West. This niche strategy could be on the rise in 2019 as Co-working spaces are no longer just home to the smaller startup's and freelancers but now bigger multinational companies such as "Orange" are choosing to adopt this approach.

Luxury HMO's

Demand for luxury Student and professional accommodation will still be very much present in 2019 as it was last year. With the uncertainty of Brexit and Section 24 changes slowly creeping in, Landlords may start looking to offload their properties relatively cheaper giving hungry cash investors a great opportunity.

Serviced Living

Similar to above, The days of working away and booking a hotel for the week are long gone. Corporate professionals and contractors are agreeing on long-term contracts with serviced accommodation providers in hotel styled Houses and Apartments in areas close to the City. We believe that Estate agents are slowly becoming aware of this trend and happy to negotiate Rent to Serviced accommodation deals for Investors.

Care providers

The demand for good quality accommodation for those in need of care is far outstripping the supply currently in the UK. This is resulting in a genuine Crisis according to Knight Franks recent article. It has also been reported that nearly over 40% of care homes last year faced closure or were closed due to unsanitary conditions. In 2019 there is definitely a gap to fill in the assisted living market.

We are wishing everyone a Happy New Year and prosperous 2019.

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