• Jordan Alexander

5 Ways To Invest In Property with No Money.

A common wall people face when looking to get started in property is the lack of finance available. Below we have outlined 5 creative ways you can start your property Journey with little to no funds available.

1. EQUITY Are you using your resources to your full advantage? People have amazing value in their homes, yet choose to let it sit there and not use it. Realising equity in your home could be a great way to quickly raise capital. We would advise you speak to an Independent broker to make sure you are getting the very best deal available to you.

2. FAMILY/FRIENDS Have you made your close family and friends aware of your goals to start investing in property? Leveraging your time and knowledge with other peoples funds is one of the most popular ways people raise finance to invest in property. After all its not hard to find people who aren't happy with the interest rates their bank are offering.

3.VACANT HOMES As you may have read in the media there is a housing crisis in the Uk currently with alot of that being down to the fact there are thousands of vacant homes lying dormant. According to a recent study by Property Wire there are more vacant homes in the North west than anywhere else in the UK and the council are happy to assist when neccesary. If you come across an empty property on your Journey, find out who the homeowner is by submitting an enquiry via Inland Registry and see if they are open to negotiation ( Seller financing ).

4.SELL "Buy where you can afford, rent where you want to live" is a motto common in the property community. After all its not an asset unless its paying you, and without Assets you are going to struggle or if not find it impossible to increase your financial wellbeing. Read our Blog post on selling your home fast.

5.STOP MAKING EXCUSES This brings us to our final point and the most important in our opinion. You make a choice everyday to have excuses or results , The bottom line is you cannot have both. Once you start to get resourceful with the assets at your disposable the sky is your limit.

Our doors are always open to assist Investors from all backgrounds across the North West with their property Journey.