• Jordan Alexander

Should Your Next Investment Be In Warrington?

Investing in the North West is full of potential which makes choosing a specific area to focus on more difficult than ever. Below we are going to outline some strong reasons why Warrington is a fantastic place to buy an Investment property.



Warrington has some of the best transport links across the North West making it a dream for commuters travelling to the surrounding cities. There are very little places in the UK you cannot reach from one of the two Train stations in Warrington. With its rail systems, Warrington is at the heart of one of the busiest transport systems in the UK. This could also be the key to Warrington' economic prosperity.



Although the house prices of Warrington are slowly creeping up. There are still some very affordable pockets for first-time investors and buyers alike to get onto the property market, With the average Terraced properties valuing at just £100k Compared to Neighboring cities such as Manchester's £130k.

Capital Growth


Warrington has proved just how capitally sound it is by how fast it recovered from the last recession and then going on to being within the top 15 economies in the UK. As mentioned above Warrington is seeing rapid capital growth and over the last 5 Years alone the property prices have risen as much as 20%.



The growth in Warrington is not going unnoticed with the town seeing a recent £15 Million growth deal go through from the government, Which is set to attract an estimated £280 Million of private investment creating a whopping 250,000 Jobs.

It's no secret that there's a severe housing crisis in the UK currently and Warrington is no exception, With the population expected to rise over Thirteen thousand over the next 10 years, Investing in this area, to us, Is a no-brainer.



Warrington's Private rented sector stands at just 11.2% compared to 15.4% Northwest and 16.7% England & Wales meaning there is still very much a demand for quality private accommodation. We believe that now is the time if you are going to invest in Warrington due to just how fast the house prices are rising.

If you are considering buying a property in Warrington and would like some support on the key areas to Invest ... Our Phones are always open.