• Jordan Alexander

The Best Manchester Buy to Let Areas

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

If you are a Landlord or property investor, There is no doubt that investing in Manchester has come into your thoughts at some point. Boasting the second largest economy in England as well as recording the highest house price growth than anywhere else in the UK 5 out of the last 6 years, There is a good reason to consider.

Choosing an area to invest in Manchester can be difficult and largely whittles down to your Investment Strategy and future goals. If you are still unaware of which investment strategy you would like to focus on, Visit our Strategy Guide for more information.

Manchester City Centre's Skyline ( Joel Goodman)


Manchester Central, Salford

Choosing to invest more centrally in Manchester may not provide you with the best rental yields due to the general cost of acquisition being higher than in outer areas. However, It does present you with a diverse range of options to choose from, such as Serviced accommodation, Capital Growth and flips. There has been huge amounts of private investment into Manchester over the last 5 years putting it within the top 10 cities worldwide for foreign investment. Although your cost of entry is going to be the highest out of most other areas listed, Your tenant profile is likely to be the strongest, with it prominently being that of professionals & wealthy foreign students.

Average expected Buy to let yields of 5.5%.


Rusholme,Fallowfield,Levenshulme,Withington, Mosside

Potentially one of the best areas in Manchester for Buy to let investing in our opinion, Due to the amount of demand and progressive Student market. Areas such a Levenshulme have seen a slow change of demographic, however, pushing property prices up over the last 12 months due to a higher number of first-time buyers choosing the cheaper alternative to Chorlton & Didsbury. That being said M14 is still a strong contender if you manage to snag yourself a deal at a good price.

Average expected Buy to let yields of 7.1%.


Ashton Under Lyne, Droylsden, Audenshaw

More so under the radar to Amateur investors outside Manchester. However, areas of Tameside produce strong yields as well as a desirable tenant profile. It's easily accessible to Manchester via Metrolink or train which gives it increasing demand.

Average expected Buy to let Yields 5.9 %.


Salford, Pendlebury, Langworthy

One area of Manchester which has improved exponentially over the last 10 Years, with the introduction of Media City, which continues to see further Development. Similar to above Salford has a strong demand for high-quality accommodation from professionals looking to commute as the City centre can be reached within 10 minutes from some parts of Salford. This is an area you should definitely consider if you are looking at property for a long term investment.

Average expected Buy to let Yields 7.1%.

Choosing the right Buy to let area in 2019?

As mentioned above choosing the right area will fundamentally come down to your long term goals and tenant strategy. Generally most areas in Manchester have a buoyant scene which comes with strong tenant demand. If you are adopting a student tenant strategy we would advise you look into M14 areas of South Manchester , Whereas if you are looking for long term growth maybe M6 and the North of Manchester. It really comes down to what you want.

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