Investing in the North West made easy


Investing in property is not a one size fits all, There are multiple ways you can use property investing to achieve your end goal. We are determined to provide the best property sourcing service in the industry across the Northern Powerhouse regardless of what your skillset is or the size of the project you are looking to invest in.  

Specialising In Key Investment Strategies

Buy to Let






Avg - Property Yields 8%+ 

Avg - Property Margins 15%

Avg - Property Yields 14%+ 


Portfolio Building

We can assist Investors who are intrested in investments across the North West. Are you already in the process of building your portfolio? Then maybe adding another High margin property could be your next step. If you are new to property investing and you would like to build a portfolio from the ground up, we can strategically guide your next steps by discovering what is possible with your budget. 

Quick marginal gains

If you are looking to maximise your returns in the shortest time possible then adopting a buy to sell strategy might be your best bet. This is without a doubt one of the most exciting ways to invest in property but can come with the most risk if not done correctly. When assisting our Investors with this strategy we ensure we have sourced the right property "usually below market value" in the right area. Typically we have seen investors make an average of £15k Per property with this strategy within a space of 3-6 Months, Having access to our trusted power team.

Increasing your Cashflow

This can be done by Investing in a Multi-unit property or otherly known as an HMO. In most cases, it can only take one of these types of investments to dramatically change the quality of your life. This strategy can see you outperform your banks return annually within a month. Creativity is key here as you will be amongst a lot of competition. We have knowledge of all the high performing HMO areas across the North West and will secure the right type of property for the current market and returns you are looking for. 

Bigger Investments

We are also working with private investors and companies, who are very specific about the types of property they want e.g Land Deals, Commercial to residential developments. These Investments are the highest Risk and most often the highest reward.